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Sisters & Peach Gazpacho

When I go home, my childhood home, one of the first things I like to do is shop for seasonal fresh produce. It’s a way for me to join with my two sisters who live there to renew our lifelong love of fresh food. The seasonal produce, the kitchen, the table are all part of reconnecting, to get back in touch with one another. … Read More Sisters & Peach Gazpacho


Leaving the Colorado River, the ascent to Golden Valley through Union Pass surround him in the sky island mountains, rocks that have broken free of the earth’s crust and take the sky. The shale spires outlast eroded mesas, fire and time. Teddy bear cactus, ototilla and yucca bush thrive here as if it call out they live only among the spires where the earth … Read More Mojave

In love with #Berlin

We begin the day at the Polish flea market in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate where huge pieces of the Wall remain.   For the moment my love of crystal takes over and I’m absorbed looking at the exquisite pieces I find laid out on the peddler’s blanket.  I choose a delicately etched water pitcher after difficult deliberation.  The boys are jazzed with a … Read More In love with #Berlin

In neauxmad.com you will find my travel piece “Finding Zen In Searchlight: A Haibun”…..

My Gypsy List — 8 Places I Love

One of my early experiences with travel was written up by my dad and published in a travel magazine.   At the time I was mildly impressed that our family vacation was put to print, but now it’s wonderful to look back on his pieces as I reflect on the magic of travel.  My case of wanderlust, no doubt, is in the genes.  Travel … Read More My Gypsy List — 8 Places I Love

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