I was lucky.  I had amazing parents.  They met in college, passionate about one another and about sharing a life.  I’ve always felt that my dad was the most intelligent man I ever  met and my mother the most elegant woman.   Daddy was an officer in the Army Reserve.  He worked as a writer for the Army in his day job.  More than that, he was an explorer, an artist, an adventurer.  Family vacations found us hiking the Rockies, poking into the art galleries of Taos and hunting for sea shells on Padre Island.  He had me believing I could be anything I wanted.   My mother was an original multitasker balancing family and teaching school.   I liked that she had interests that often kept her away from too much housework.  She liked growing herbs and making yogurt.  She also had an eye for fashion.  She had a classic style with an edge of fun.  She could look stunning on an evening out, throwing together maybe a slim skirt and a stole flung over her shoulder.  Seems like she always ran out the house with her nails still wet from a quick coat of polish to complete her look.  Talk about the busy lives of women!