About Susan Heiligman

A Southern California transplant, I am a professional development trainer  and travel writer.  After a career in education where I was often in graduate school and teaching at night at the local community college,  I’m  exploring pathways where time is found to feed the soul.  I look at different places as potential travel destinations.

Growing up and going to college in landlocked Oklahoma, once I could spread my wings, it was off to exotic Hawaii for me.  At the time little cottages in the heart of Waikiki could be rented for a song and Don Ho was down the street every night entertaining tourists with his keyboard and Polynesian dancers.  I loved being at the crossroads to Asia and soaking  up the cultural mix.  Only the lure of Southern California could bring me back to the mainland.  Life has happened in a huge way, some triumphs and some tragedies.  Many events I still want to write about.  Many events are still yet just around the corner.

Susan Bassel Heiligman

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