It Circles Around

Junior high was a time of mixed emotions. I was a pretty good student so academics were in balance. I matured early so my figure was kind of developed and I was curvy yet petite. My personality was okay but not the type that attracted lots of followers. I was a middle sibling and pretty much a middle kid in junior high. I had friends but I didn’t have a best friend. Deep down I wanted a friend to call my best friend. Meanwhile I got busy with activities like speech and drama at school and sewing at home. In ways my home life was as good as it gets. That filled me with joy and all those outside connections or lack there of didn’t matter so much. Today a lifetime later I find myself still playing out that pattern. What is lacking out there that hasn’t happened is made up by an incredible family—- my son and granddaughter who bring more joy than any bestie or boyfriend. Take heed of life in junior high are it is the pace car for the ensuing journey, the years of tackling the world out there. Life is a circle around and back. Best enjoy the ride

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  1. Memories 😊👍

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