I was a reluctant grandmother.   To be a grandparent was not something I resisted but life was good, full with  friends and personal interests.  Forgotten was all that baby, little kid stuff, cloth books and rattle toys.   On the day though that Lucy Lee happened,  life became rich and enlivened anew.   Grand parenthood is  the grand adventure.

Like a splashy wave hitting the shore, she arrived on a cool breezy September evening in Newport Beach, Hoag Hospital.   Lucy Lee enchants me.   She runs to greet me.    I rush to her.   Mutual adoration is the special phenomenon that is grand parenthood.  We head to the beach with a skip as she begins to tell me all that matters.

“Lucy go lightly wherever you go, light as a lark, from your head to your toe.  In slippers you float and in sandals you flow, so Lucy, go lightly, wherever you go.”   Dennis Lee

5 Comments on “Lucy Lee Go Lightly

  1. We must have lunch sometime and share grand-daughter stories, although Alex is a great-grand daughter. It will be a love fess because it’s a love doubled with the love for our children. Enjoyed learning about Lucy Lee.


  2. I was just telling Bill, my husband, that I can’t wait to see my little Ella again. It’s been about 3 weeks due to a cold and then a vacation. We babysit her every Friday so she doesn’t have to go to the sitter (a very good sitter but still, a half-hour commute with Daddy). In those 3 weeks she started walking!!!! 17 months old. Loves us! Calls Bill “Ba Pah”. He’s so proud. She can’t say a name for me yet. We’re in Heaven!


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