Most that I know about elegance, generosity, compassion and fun I learned from Maggie. Maggie grew up the daughter of a Southerner, a cowboy and rancher, who taught her to dream even when there wasn’t time to spare. He taught her to ride a horse and have courage. She took a chance to follow her heart. She went to college. She fell in love. She answered, “nothing at all, nothing at all,” when I wondered as a young child about the difference between the two drinking fountains labeled white and colored. She taught the history of Oklahoma focusing on its Native Americans and the Trail of Tears. She grew herbs and made yogurt. She liked to hula hoop and play on the beach. I liked that she’d forgo cleaning and laundry to hang out with her kids. Taking time to fashion a chic party dress out of an ugly bridesmaid gown for me, she’d throw together something stunning for her evening out and looking radiant, dash out the door with her nails still wet.

Maggie, my mother, died 5 years ago  .
on a cold January morning. She dreamed of summer her 93 years.

14 responses to “Maggie”

  1. Very touching remarks…..The older we get the more our hearts get broken from the conclusions of life of our loved ones. My wife’s brother age 57 passed January 6 and Stan Lewis’s mother (Lawton) age 94 passed January 18. We must continue to celebrate their lives as the years pass and continue to honor them.


  2. Such a good point, Gary the importance of honoring those who impacted our lives…part of our own story…


  3. What a beautiful tribute … and beautiful tribute!


  4. I meant what a beautiful tribute … and beautiful lady!


  5. She must have been special, to have you as her own. I’m in a trance reading this blog. Charlie


  6. What a lovely tribute to your mother, Suzi. My mother certainly made an impact on me and my 5 siblings as she was widowed when my youngest brother was 3 and when the oldest was 17. I think mothers are just that way. You just continue to miss them no matter how long it has been.


  7. Thanks Susy for your comments. Without question your Mother endured and her children thrived. Amazing! My mother listened while I cried over my many breakups, see saw me through losing my son, the list goes on. Strong women with hearts of gold!


  8. This is so sweet, and such a beautiful picture!

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  10. Thanks anonymous… u know moi?


  11. Susan. This is Charlie in San Diego. Remember, baseball school in Palm Springs. I’d love to hear from you. 619-972-7429.


  12. hey you… remember you every time I hear a Ronnie Milsap song, even though not popular anymore, his music gets out there once in a while… text?


  13. Yes. You have my #. You busy? I’m not.


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