Month: January 2012

Chief Mankiller

What I admire in women who take on life’s challenges can be found in their unyielding spirit.  I love the story of Wilma Mankiller.  She was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1945 and grew up in San Francisco.  Her father was Cherokee and her mother Dutch/Irish.  At school she was not accepted by her peers and looking to the San Francisco Indian Center for … Read More Chief Mankiller


Most that I know about elegance, generosity, compassion and fun I learned from Maggie. Maggie grew up the daughter of a Southerner, a cowboy and rancher, who taught her to dream even when there wasn’t time to spare. He taught her to ride a horse and have courage. She took a chance to follow her heart. She went to college. She fell in love. … Read More Maggie

Nails Still Wet

What nails still wet means….. It is not about fighting tooth and nail.  It is not about a hammer and nails.  It is about nail polish. but it’s really more than just nail polish…

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